• Common Name: Brachiaria Brizanthe
  • Familiy Name: Gramineae
  • Scientific Name: Brachiaria Brizanthe (Hochst.ex a Rich) Stapf
  • Cultivar: MGS-Victory=Toledo=Xaraes
  • Vegetative Cycle: Perennial
  • Growth Habit: Clump Semi-Erect

Product Details

Soil FertilityMedium to High
Maxi Altitude. MSLSimple
ColdMedium to High
Diving - Poorly Drained SoilAverage
Planting Depth.3.0 - 5.0cm
Density. (KG/Ha)10.0 -YOU- 50%
Dry Matter ( Ton / Ha / Year.)18
Crude Protein (Since DM)- %13% - 14%
Use:Hay, Meadow, Silage
Planting Season
IntercroppingAll Legumes
Training Time70 - 90 days
Plant Height - Entry45.0cm
Cutting Height (Grazing-Exit)25.0cm
Leafhopper ToleranceMedium
Planting MethodThrow, Line, through tillage or conventional
Fertilization NeedsDependant on Soil analysis
NotesThe Xaraes is resistant to drought and has rapid regrowth. Low population levels presents the spittlebug-of-pastures and is ideal for intensification of pastureland. Can be grown in virtually all over the country, areas with good rainfall, without hars winters. The use of pasture during the rainy season should be pretty intensified, with high pressure of pasture. By presenting late flowering, its adaptation to the dry period is greater
SupportThe ability to support varies between 2.5 and 6.0 AU/ha in the rainy season and between 1.4 and 2.2 AU/ha in dry, medium fertility soils and well managed. Under these conditions the animal productivity varies between 600 to 810 kg liveweight/hectare/year.

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