Arauna 1Z-5

  • Common Name: Coloniao Grass
  • Familiy Name: Gramineae
  • Scientific Name: Panicum Maximum Jacq.
  • Cultivar: Aruana 1Z-5
  • Vegetative Cycle: Perennial
  • Growth Habit: Clump

Product Details

Soil FertilityHigh
Maxi Altitude. MSL1800m
Diving - Poorly Drained SoilLow
Planting Depth.1.0 - 2.0cm
Density. (KG/Ha)10.0 -VC -40%
Dry Matter ( Ton / Ha / Year.)20
Crude Protein (Since DM)- %Up to 15%
Digestability65 - 75%
Use:Hay, Pasture
Planting Season
IntercroppingPerenial soyb.n & Calopo
Training Time90-120days
Plant Height - Entry60.0cm
Cutting Height (Grazing-Exit)30.0cm
Leafhopper ToleranceResistant
Planting MethodThrow, Line, through tillage or conventional
Fertilization NeedsDependant on Soil analysis
Notes Has medium-sized, reaching approximately 80 cm (suitable for sheep) has great ability and quickness of tillering, with good number of basal buds resprouting after each cycle of grazing. Excellent ground cover that assists in erosion control. Foliar erect and open architecture (enabling higher incidence of solar rays).
SupportThe ability to support varies between 2 and 6.0 AU/ha in the rainy season and between 1.2and 2.5 AU/ha in dry, high fertility soils and well managed. Under these conditions the animalproductivity varies between 500 and 1,000 kg live weight/hectare/year.

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