16/02/2018 , Paddick

The Archimedes Screw Generator

For over a century Spaans Babcock is known as the Worlds largest screw pump manufacturer and leading in innovations. The…

27/03/2018 , Paddick

Why are mainstream farmers giving up the plough

Found this very interesting article about cover crops…worth the read. Original published article @ Treehugger – Why are mainstream farmers giving…

12/06/2018 , Paddick

Another Successful Waterwheel Pump Installation by a client

Mr. Wim Viljoen bought a ZM51 water pump with a 1mx0.25 m water wheel from ZMSA. He successfully installed the…

16/08/2018 , Paddick

Maximize Grazing With The Flexibility of Stocker Cattle

Stocker Cattle and Grazing Maximized

03/09/2018 , Paddick

Pastures Integration with Agriculture and Forests helps to raise Productivity in Agribusiness

Pasture Integration for Better Productivity

05/09/2018 , Paddick

Electric Car Conversion Video

How To Convert a Gasoline Vehicle to an Electric Vehicle. This video show you how...

20/06/2019 , Paddick

Domestic Off-grid PV Solar System

Domestic PV Solar Instalation

25/07/2019 , paddick


22/08/2019 , paddick

Client Testimonial - PV Solar Installation

28/08/2019 , paddick

Off-Grid Solar Energy

02/09/2019 , Paddick

Cattle Farmers

06/09/2019 , paddick

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

27/11/2019 , paddick

Waterwheel pumps

13/12/2021 , paddick

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