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Horizontal Wind Power Turbines ranging from 500 w to 50kW

Horizontal Wind Power - Wind HAWT’S

The wind, she blows, and if we are fortunate enough to live on the coast or on a hill somewhere where the wind never stops, we really owe it to the environment to capture the power that exists and use it for ourselves. Depending on your site, we can really make a dent in the monthly electricity account and if that doesn’t make sense, then nothing does.

HAWT’s – Horizontal Action Wind Turbines. Comes in a range of sizes from 500 watt (12 v) for use on your yacht, up to 5 kW which is large enough to power most homes.

We at ZMSA offer the products from 2 established Chinese Turbine manufacturers, and we offer more options than most.
1 and 2kW – DC48V
3, 5, 10 and 20kW – DC240v
30, 50 and 60kW – AC380v

All turbines can supplied with Charge Controllers, Pure Sine Wave Inverters and Towers.

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