Water Wheel Pump

Water is guided by pipe or channel to fall on top of a wheel.

hydro-maxxi 070 paddle wheel pump-crop-u979

Paddle Wheel Pump

If you have good flow but no head, a paddle wheel system to utilise the flow in a canal, furrow or river, can be installed.

4 cyl diaphragm pump-crop-u5436

Diaphragm Pump

This is a four cylinder hydraulic diaphragm pump. It can be driven by water wheels, turbines, electrical motors or tractors.


Wind Piston Pump

This system utilises the power of the wind to drive a double action piston water pump.


Solar Powered Water Pump

This system utilises the power of the sun via Photovoltaic Panels and batteries as storage to drive a water pump.

ZMSA offers a wide range of Water Pumps for different circumstances and conditions. Our main methods of pumping water make use of natural resources such as: WATER, WIND and the SUN.

1. Water is used as follows: • Falling water - driving a water wheel • Flowing water - driving a paddle wheel • Water Pressure or Thrust - driving a diaphragm pump.

2. Wind is used: • to drive a modern wind-pump system.

3. Sun energy is used:  • via Solar Panels (Photovoltaic) • and Battery Storage systems • with / without batteries.

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