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Solaire PV Panels / Sun Power

Pricing on PV panels has been declining over the last year to a level where PV is about the same price per kW as hydro and wind and this can mean a payback of less than 5 years. We source our panels from Solaire Direct in the Cape, and this 25 year guarantee product is the best value for money in the current climate. Chinese panels are a lot cheaper but don’t offer the back-up for a long-term investment.

Solaire Direct is one of the foremost solar manufacturers in South Africa. As such, it is helping to meet the country’s renewable energy objectives by successfully generating photovoltaic solar energy at its solar power plant in Cape Town. Having recently been selected as a Preferred Bidder for the Independent Power Producers programme in South Africa, it’s clear just how much Solairedirect is contributing to solar electricity in South Africa.

The aim of the solar power plant in Cape Town, established by Solairedirect in 2009, is to generate electricity from solar power, and then to sell this electricity back to the national power grid. The objective is to provide significant amounts of energy to reduce the pressure on Eskom – the national power producer – and thereby to help reduce the cost of electricity and lower the incidence of rolling black outs.

Although solar energy is a fairly new phenomenon in South Africa, Solairedirect bases its systems on well-established technology from Europe. Photovoltaic solar energy has been used to generate power in North America, Asia and Europe for several years, and the same successful systems are being used to generate solar energy in South Africa.

Solaire Direct - Renesola-Virtus-II-240W-260W PDF

Solaire Direct - Virtus-II-295-305-SA-1450-300Wp PDF

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