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Power Storage

A key feature of small scale renewable energy solutions is how best to store the electrical energy that you generate in a format that makes it easy for you to access on demand. Hundreds of options are available, but we at ZMSA have chosen to design our solutions around 48v and 240v systems. We have identified the Deltec Deep Cycle Lead Crystal Battery as the finest and newest technology available which is backed up by a world class manufacturer.

12v100ah and 12v200ah batteries are the cornerstone of our range. We also offer the Deltec Sealed VLRA GEL batteries.

Deltec Lead Crystal – Brochure PDF

FNB / Raylite Battery

Solar storage batteries are an essential component of any home or commercial solar power system. They store electricity generated by solar panels or wind turbines for periods when there isn’t sufficient sun or wind to generate electricity for immediate use.

Raylight Solar Power - Brochure PDF

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