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We source locally manufactured solar power cells that are specifically produced for low maintenance and long life.

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Charge Controllers

A charge controller’s main function is to optimize a PV array’s output which can fluctuate based on shading and temperature variables found on the average roof.

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The true sine wave Inverter/Charger is a competitive power solution designed for applications with lower power demands.

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Micro Care Products

Quality solar electronic equipment using the most efficient technology is offered, to bring our clients the best possible price and products.

Although solar energy is a fairly new phenomenon in South Africa, ZMSA provodes systems that are based on well-established technology from Europe. Photovoltaic solar energy has been used to generate power in North America, Asia and Europe for several years, and the same successful systems are being used to generate solar energy in South Africa.

The objective is to provide significant amounts of energy to reduce the pressure on Eskom – the national power producer – and thereby to help reduce the cost of electricity and lower the incidence of rolling black outs.

Products are sourced from respectible suppliers offering full back-up.

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